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If you’ve ever stared in the mirror and admired your ‘good’ eyebrow and then wondered about the wonkiness of your other brow, you may find some relief in the saying ‘your eyebrows should be sisters, not twins’. With no need to worry about your eyebrows being equal, you can avoid running the risk of overplucking your brows in the pursuit of achieving a perfect mirror image, and just enjoy them in their neatly groomed but non-identical glory. But, why are eyebrows sisters not twins?

Here we take a look at what makes each eyebrow different, and why your ‘other’ brow could soon be the joint favourite again:

So, Why Are Eyebrows Sisters Not Twins?

Worried. Confused. Downright excited. From frowning to looking quizzical, your eyebrows can tell people a lot about the way you’re feeling. And, it’s these expressive moments that make all the difference when it comes to defining your natural eyebrow shape to work with your facial features.

The muscles that control the movements of your facial expression work differently on each side of your face. One side is usually more dominant. The other side is typically weaker. So, one brow may be getting a daily workout while the other is doing the facial equivalent of binge-watching a 10 series boxset. This movement, or lack of, will affect muscle tone around the eyebrow area, giving one eyebrow a higher, tighter appearance as the other eyebrow looks softer and more relaxed.

But it’s not just what you get up to during the day that can influence your brow symmetry, your night-time habits will play a role too. If you have a preferred side to sleep on, smushing one side of your face into a pillow every night could weaken the muscles around the eye and eyebrows, leaving one side stronger than the other.

What Can I Do to Even Up My Eyebrows?

If you’re still feeling uncomfortable with having naturally uneven eyebrows, you could try using make-up to balance them out, but it’s worth bearing in mind that they’re not supposed to be exactly the same so try to avoid overdoing it with the eyebrow pencils or powders.

Or, you might consider a professional eyebrow shaping treatment. When you opt for an eyebrow treatment like HD Brows, your eyebrow technician will work with your natural face shape, accentuating your features and the shape of your eyebrows to give them a fuller and more defined appearance. So, even though your eyebrows will still be ‘sisters’ they’ll correspond perfectly with the structures and muscles around them for the ultimate in natural-looking beauty enhancing treatments.

If you want to make the most of your natural eyebrow shape contact Jen, a Master and Elite HD Brow Stylist, at Sofia Rose Beauty to book in for HD Brows treatment at her home salon in Widnes. Or if you have any questions about HD Brows make-up or aftercare, get in touch on 07900 262 190 or via the Sofia Rose Beauty Facebook page.

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