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Can you still wear mascara with LVL Lashes-March Blog Post-Sofia Rose Beauty-Widnes

LVL Enhance Lash Lift is a fantastic way to get longer and thicker lashes in the salon. The LVL Lashes treatment works with your natural eyelashes to enhance their appearance. Although our clients achieve beautiful results, many will ask ‘can you still wear mascara with LVL Lashes?’

Having an LVL Enhance Lash Lift means you won’t need to apply makeup every day, or have to mess around with fiddly eyelash extensions, to give the illusion of extra volume. But from time to time you may choose to give your already thicker and longer looking lashes an even bigger boost with a touch of mascara.

Here you’ll discover the dos and don’ts of wearing mascara with a lash lift, so you can enjoy the effects of your LVL treatment for as long as possible.

Can you still wear mascara after a lash lift?

Yes, but avoid waterproof and oil based mascaras, as these mascaras won’t mix well with your lash lift . Waterproof mascara contains oil that can cause the LVL formula to break down, causing newly lifted lashes to droop.

Although you shouldn’t need to use mascara, if you do decide to give your lashes a makeup boost, you should opt for a light coating of a gentle water based mascara.

How long after LVL Lashes can you wear mascara?

LVL Lashes are designed to be fuss free, but there is an aftercare procedure you must follow immediately after your treatment to ensure you get the very best out of your treatment. You can find out how to look after your LVL Enhance Lashes here.

Don’t wear mascara on your LVL lashes for an absolute minimum of 48 hours and please don’t feel tempted to apply any eye makeup before this time has passed. The lash lift formula is still working on your lashes for up to 48 hours after your salon visit, so you run the risk of losing the full effect of the lift if you wear mascara during this period. And nobody wants that.

Things to remember about wearing mascara with LVL Lashes

It’s not likely you’ll need to, but if you do choose to wear mascara with your LVL Lashes there are a couple of things to remember to keep your lashes looking as lengthy and full as possible:

  • Don’t forget to remove your makeup each day. When taking your mascara off use a mild water based makeup remover, as this will help to keep your lashes healthy and shouldn’t affect the LVL formula. Nouveau Lashes have a fantastic range of specially formulated products to gently cleanse and nourish lashes, including their Lash and Lid Foaming Cleanser.

  • Nouvau Lashes also have a conditioning serum that works to brush and separate lashes whilst nourishing them with conditioning ingredients, making the serum a fantastic alternative to mascara.

  • Drop any bad eyelash habits. Whether they’re bored in work or just generally daydreaming, lots of clients tend to play with their eyelashes absentmindedly. This can include twisting eyelashes between fingers to flake off mascara residue. Twisting your eyelashes can break them and leave them prone to weakness, leaving you with gaps and also losing the impact of a full line of LVL lashes.

Looking after your lashes properly is important to keep them healthy, so that you can get the best possible result when you have an LVL Enhance Lash Lift. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve already had a treatment, contact Jen at Sofia Rose Beauty to book your appointment or ask any questions about eyelash aftercare.

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