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New Treatment Alert, Brow Lamination.

Having already trained to the highest level she can, achieving HD Brows Master & Stylist and Elite Educator and having worked for the brand for over 2 years, Jen was ecstatic when HD Brows launched a brand-new treatment, so that she can expand her knowledge even further.

Brow lamination took the industry by storm back in 2019 and Jen was desperate to jump on board and offer this to her clients but wanted her brow portfolio to only offer HD Brows products and treatments. On researching brow lamination and alternative brands, she had concerns on the effectiveness and safety of some of these alternatives, so loyally waited for HD Brows to launch their version of lamination so that it could be tailored alongside her HD Brow services.

HD Brows training method and products were rigorously tested before HD Brows business owner Karen Betts launched Brow Sculpt and in Jens word it was so worth the wait. Jen finally did the Brow sculpt, brow lamination course in early March, which she should have done it in January, but being so busy in salon and with the launch of her new skin fitness machine, LPG endermologie she was unable to commit as quickly as she wanted to.

Jen embarrasingly admits has been slow in posting on social media to reveal all, as she is so time poor and is unable to dedicate the time business owners feel like they should on these platforms. Jens love hate relationship towards social media and popularity through word of mouth recommendations has fortunately meant she has never had to rely on social media marketing but still likes to keep a presence.

Jens thoughts on HD Brow Sculpt training.

I absolutely loved it. As you would expect from HD Brows, the training we very informative and professional and I was buzzing all day, I just couldn’t wait to get home and finally be able to carry this treatment out, I already had so many of my regulars booked in. You can create so many different looks which can be tailored to suit each client depending on the issue they have with their brows and desired look so it is suitable for many in my varying age groups of clients.

I have carried this treatment out on younger clients wanting fuller brows and older clients wanting to lift their eye and disguise bald gaps in downward growing tails, whilst taking control of some pretty unruly brow hairs.

I am truly amazed at the difference. Even more amazed after having mine done. I literally have no hair in certain parts of my brows due to the follicles being dead, especially in lower sections, so I have to fill this in. I thought lamination would emphasise this and make it more noticeable but it totally didn’t and actually makes filling in with pencil so much easier.

Benefits of Brow Lamination

Brow Sculpt allows you to incorporate the brow lamination process as well as Jen’s HD Brow consultation process to ensure a safe treatment, more importantly, Jen will be completely honest if she feels this treatment would be unsuitable for your brows. Although on paper she said she wouldn’t have done her own, but loved it so was completely stunned lol.

This treatment can be added to your existing HD Brow treatments so it will still be in keeping with the brow mapping and regrowth treatment plans that were assessed on consultations, but potentially may need to be tweaked a little, as the structure to your hair and the way it can sit will have changed.

Brow lamination can be used to create the in-demand bushy brow look, but for the majority of Jens clients it is so much more than that, as she will use the technology to correct her client’s brow shape and set it in place with results that last up to 6 weeks.

Whether you want to totally transform your brow shape, add a textured finish to the bulb or correct uneven tails, Jen can now offer a fully bespoke and tailored approach to this new technique.

Brow Sculpt aftercare.

As most treatments, aftercare does need to be carried out and you will need to use a conditioning agent through your brows. A lot of my LVL clients will use their Nouveau brow and lash serum. The HD Brows Tint lock is also amazing at keeping brows hydrated and keeps tint lasting longer, but good old castor oil would also do the trick.

RRP for HD Brows is £45.

I will be running a special for both treatments for £40.

Patch tests are required 48 hours before.

You need to be 18+ to be eligible for this treatment and it is not recommended if pregnant or breast feeding.

Get in touch with Jen if you have any questions or to make a booking. Text 07900 262 190 or message on facebook. 

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