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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Sofia Rose Beauty has been providing high-end beauty treatments in Widnes since 2016. Owner, Jen, has developed a specialism in HD Brow and LVL Lash treatments, gaining Elite and Educator Stylist status, but she’s is now looking to adding a brand-new treatment to her range of exclusive beauty services.

Here we find out more about Jen’s journey to bringing LPG Endermologie to Widnes, Liverpool and the rest of the northwest, and how you can access this unique and rather special treatment for yourself:

How were you first introduced to Endermologie?

Back in March, after searching for effective cellulite treatments, I came across Endermologie. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt physically, how much smoother my skin was and how light my legs felt after just one treatment. I have always suffered from achy legs for as long as I can remember and it's even worse now with working on my feet all day, that it can actually keep me awake at night. I instantly became hooked. It was such a lovely relaxing treatment, and was worth it just for that feeling, but the fact the toxins where being drained out of my body due to the way the massaging action of the machine works on your lymphatic system and that I was actually combatting cellulite, firming my skin, and blasting fat at the same time was a huge bonus.

What was it about Endermologie that first appealed to you?

After several treatments, I started to see the difference. I wish I had taken a before and after photo and taken my measurements as I was shocked at the difference and I got my thigh gap back which I haven’t seen since I was about 12 years old. For the first time since having my daughter, I actually felt confident around the pool as I just felt more tucked in and toned.

Recently my 6-year-old child asked me, very seriously, ‘mummy, why do your arms do that?’ when I waved to our neighbours whilst wearing a vest. So, my next step is to combat my upper arm sag, to get rid of that wobble when I wave.

What has impressed you most about your Endermologie treatments?

The cellulite and overall firmness of my thighs and tummy improved significantly, and my muffin top completely disappeared. I guess for me this was an area of resistant fat, and it just blasted that stuff right off.

I also suffer a lot with a bloated stomach, and at times can feel quite uncomfortable and lethargic. This also disappeared. I later found out that the machine works on the inside of your body by activating your lymphatic system, which in turn helps to drain, detoxify, and regenerate tissue in the body. By filtering out toxins and foreign substances, it’s possible to maintain a healthier and stronger immune system. I have honestly felt the best I have in years, and feel on par with when I had time to run daily and think about what food I ate, instead of just ‘grabbing on the go’.

So, with Endermologie working so well for you, what made you decide to bring the treatment to Cheshire and Merseyside?

After my treatments, I started to look into it more and more. I became obsessed with researching it properly, as, at first, I just found it all too good to be true. I found out more about the medical background to the machines, the scientifically proven results from over 150 studies, the A-list celebrity backing, along with amazing reviews in the likes of Harper’s Bazaar and from so many beauty editors, it just got better and better. And then, when I found out you can have treatments on your face, it was like music to my ears. I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to grow old gracefully, but I still want to maintain a youthful and radiant complexion, by keeping wrinkles to a minimum, my facial contours lifted and looking as fresh-faced as I can for as long as possible.

With other aesthetic treatments and cosmetic procedures more commonly available now, why should people consider Endermologie?

For a long time, I’ve massively wanted to lift my eyelids, as they are quite hooded. But, I’m simply too scared to go under the knife, incase something went wrong.

Every day I speak to clients in the same situation. Whilst Botox and filler treatments can achieve fantastic and instant results, some of my clients don’t feel like this is the right route for them. But they also feel like there isn’t a suitable non-invasive alternative to get them the results they’re looking for either. And then I have clients who have tried Botox, but then didn’t like how it altered the appearance of their face. So, I was beyond excited when I found out that Endermologie could achieve the results I’ve been searching for, and even more excited that I could offer it to my clients who want to avoid the knife or needle.

As well as the more cosmetic benefits to the treatment, have you noticed any other changes?

Reducing the toxins in my body just made me feel so much better, I can’t quite describe the difference it made. From time to time, every day struggles consumed me, so I would have the odd glass of wine or two in the evening, when not working, just to make life seem that bit easier to manage. But, putting more and more toxins in my body during the week didn’t help at all.

By flushing all this out, I feel like my old self, ready and able to conquer it all. It’s a good job too, as there is no way I could have managed to further my training working 30-hour college weeks, on top of working full time in my brow and lash room at home, as well as managing a home for eight weeks, whilst feeling brain-fog tired.

So, how does Endermologie fit within your current schedule and what does this mean for the future of Sofia Rose Beauty?

I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason. Sofia Rose Beauty and LPG even share the philosophy of ‘fighting for natural beauty’. I wanted to feel good about myself on the inside, and although I experienced the detoxifying benefits of the treatment, I ended up feeling even better than expected when I saw the results on the outside too.

I feel like I’ve been holding onto a secret treasure for so long. I loved everything about this wonderful treatment and wanted to rush straight home and start offering it to clients. But, my head had to win over my heart in the beginning. Running a well-established and busy business from home, the reality is it all boils down to ‘just me’. I’m fully booked most weeks and I always thought I would never change what I do because it’s working so well. I have the business I always dreamed of. And, taking the step towards adding a new service for my clients would mean not only investing time into training but would also require a big financial commitment. I couldn’t help but have that (annoying) feeling of doubt at the back of my mind, telling me that things might go wrong. But, I couldn’t let it go, and pretty soon all the positives outweighed anything I conjured up in my mind to sabotage myself with.

LPG came into my life when I need to pick myself up and feel better. The rest is now history.

How are Endermologie treatments structured?

Treatments can be tailored to suit your desired outcome. For optimal results on fat, cellulite, skin firming, a course of 10 – 12 sessions are recommended, carried out twice a week whilst the body enters repair mode. Results will last up to 6 months afterward if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It should go without saying, but if you start eating junk food and return to bad habits you’re going to undo all the good work.

Alternatively, you can simply maintain the results by having a maintenance treatment once a month. This will also keep your lymphatic system balanced to keep you on top form and free of toxins and keep those outside results in check. The relaxing feeling the treatment alone will get you back every month.

You can also arrange for one-off treatments, perfect as a standalone relaxation treatment or for last-minute preparations for a special occasion. There are also treatments to create that ‘glow’, gently exfoliating and reactivating microcirculation to even out the complexion, so skin looks brighter and firmer.

Or for a plumped, fresh-faced complexion, try fluid mobilisation to drain toxins and reoxygenate skin for a purified radiant complexion, so that you’re left looking rejuvenated and like you’ve had a good night’s sleep, even if you haven’t. Advanced treatments will also be available, using acupressure and meridian points on the whole face and neck to activate your skin to its full potential.

When will Endermologie treatments be available?

A launch night at the spa will take place in 7th November 4pm - 8pm where you can find out more, see the machine in action and best bit, book in for your free 20 minute treatment, so that you can see and feel the results for yourself.

Check out our website for more information and prices.

What is the one thing you want your clients to remember about Endermologie?

It’s the perfect alternative for botox, to suit people wanting to reverse and fight the signs of aging without the need for invasion or chemicals. Endermologie is perfect for those wanting to tackle cellulite and resistant fat and firm the skin without any side effects and most importantly the skin stays respected. Theres nothing else that can do as much as this machine naturally whilst allowing you to walk away relaxed and energised.

For more information, please call 07900 262 190 or message Jen via her facebook page SofiaRoseBeauty

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