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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Last month saw Sofia Rose Beauty’s launch night for our brand-new LPG Endermologie treatments. The evening was a great opportunity to check out our fantastic 10th generation LPG Endermologie ‘Alliance’ machine, we are proud to be offering LPG's latest technology as there is currently only 4 of these machines in the whole of the North West. Everyone had the opportunity to ask Sofia Rose founder Jen Glover questions about the range of unique new treatments available. Those in attendance were also given the chance to trial a selection of LPG Endermologie express and identity targetted treatments and all were delighted with the amazing results. 

LPG Endermologie Express Treatments with Sofia Rose Beauty

As well as a range of facial and body packages, offering clients solutions to combat signs of aging, cellulite and resistant areas of fat, Sofia Rose Beauty offers LPG Endermologie express treatments. Express treatments are a perfect introduction to the Alliance face and body system if you are thinking about signing up for a course as whilst having your express treatment you can receive a free consultation with Jen to discuss your long-term face and body requirements. They are ideal for special occasions, whilst still being able to achieve great results on the face and body after just one treatment, they are perfect for when you want to revive, tone or tighten in a hurry or you’re in need of an instant pick me up and relaxation. 

LPG Endermologie Glow Face Treatment

Called the 'Glow' for very good reasons. It instantly revives tired, dull and uneven looking complexions. Gently exfoliating and reactivating microcirculation to even out the complexion and improve skin brightness. Stimulates tissue at the cellular level, restoring skin elasticity and smoothing wrinkles with the help of its awakened cell reserves. As a result, the skin instantly looks more radiant and young-looking.

Great for one off events, or can be booked as a course. Our LPG Endermologie Glow face treatment can be carried out in just 15 minutes and costs just £30.

LPG Endermologie Fluid Mobilization

Experience thirty minutes of self-indulgence with the LPG Endermologie Fluid Mobilization express treatment. This technique works to stimulate fluid circulation in the body, effectively reducing water retention and promoting drainage of toxins.

The Fluid Mobilisation express treatment leaves skin feeling “re-oxygenated” giving your body an instant lift and sense of lightness. If you travel often and are prone to jet lag, or experience the odd hangover from time to time, this express treatment will help you recover and feel refreshed. 

LPG Endermologie Fluid Mobilisation express treatments are also ideal for clients suffering with tired/heavy legs, water retention, lymphedema or poor circulation caused by venous insufficiency. 

Also recommended for patients after liposuction as it helps speed up the natural healing process after the treatment.

LPG Endermologie Relaxation and Sports Therapy

Choose between a relaxing massage or a sports therapy treatment to target muscular pain. In just half an hour, you’ll experience reduced muscle tension and stress thanks to a deep sense of relaxation from this express Endermologie body treatment. Balancing body and mind, busy individuals will find this quick but efficient treatment fits into their busy lives, and will leave feeling looser, lighter, and more relaxed. Or use your thirty minutes to treat aching muscles, with an express Sports Therapy Endermologie treatment to improve blood flow and relax muscle tightness for reduced pain and inflammation. 

LPG Endermologie Endermopuncture

LPG Endermologie Endermopuncture is a detoxifying treatment, perfect for promoting greater physical and emotional wellbeing. If you’re on a weight management diet or about to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, Endermopuncture is the ideal complementary treatment. 

Endermopuncture helps to promote weight loss by draining excess body fluid and improving metabolic rate, so your body can burn calories more efficiently. This 50 minute treatment includes a full body mechanical massage, stimulating acupuncture points to accelerate the body's natural healing abilities. 

If you would like an introduction to the benefits of LPG Endermologie techniques or a one off express treatment for a special occasion contact Jen at Sofia Rose Beauty to book your LPG Endermologie session, or if you have any questions about LPG Endermologie treatments and packages, get in touch on 07900 262 190 or via the Sofia Rose Beauty Facebook page. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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