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Saying 'yes' to a proposal is the first decision you'll make in long, long line of decisions in the build up to your special day. The dress, the car, the venue, the cake... although it's all fun, it can seem never ending, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that you'll also need to make some choices about your make-up, like choosing between a lash lift or extensions for your wedding.

As a bride, you'll want to feel confident and look your best as you say 'I do', so it makes sense that you'll want to make sure your eyelashes look fantastic. Mascara, strip lashes, extensions, and lash lifts are all great ways to make your lashes look longer, thicker, and darker on your wedding day. But, with the risk of smudging your mascara or losing poorly applied strip lashes mid vows, eyelash extensions and LVL Enhance lash lift treatments are most likely to top the shortlist for brides to be.


Here we'll take a look at the benefits and disadvantages of choosing a LVL lash lift or extensions for your wedding day eyelashes:

Sofia Rose Top Tip

" Book a consultation with a reputable lash technician first to discuss the look you are wanting to achieve and perhaps a trial run to ensure you like them and that they work for you in terms of the look you want. "

LVL Lash Lift for Brides

A Nouveau Lashes LVL Lash Lift treatment is great option for brides who want to make the most of their natural lashes. A lash lift lends itself perfectly to a subtle bridal makeup look, working well with dewey fresh-faced looks, or a sophisticated and chic smoky eye.

A lash lift is also something you can tick off your todo list a few days before the ceremony, saving you crucial preparation time on your big day. Just don't forget to book your appointment in advance, and make sure you stick to the aftercare advice.

Sofia Rose Top Tip:

"Even though a patch test is required for new clients, it doesn’t 100% guarantee you won't have a reaction afterwards. So, if you're new to lash lifts and have never had one before, we'd recommend coming a week before your wedding. This will give you extra time for medication to work and the reaction to go down if you do react to the treatment."

With LVL lash lift treatments there are three different size eyelash shields. The size of the shield used by your eyelash technician, will depend on the look you're wanting to achieve. During your consultation, your technician will chat through various options with you, for example, choosing a larger shield so you can wear strips on the day and get an even a fuller look, but you'll still be left with LVL lashes after the ceremony.

Lash lift treatments are a fantastic choice for brides who are dashing off on honeymoon to celebrate their newlywed status. LVL lashes will still look fabulous and flawless whether you sip cocktails on the beach or go snorkelling off a tropical island, and no new bride wants a face dripping with mascara after a quick dip in the pool. You'll also be free from worrying about the extra maintenance that comes with extensions and them falling out during your romantic getaway.

Eyelash Extensions for Brides

If you're looking for all out glamour and lashes that make an impact on your wedding day, eyelash extensions might be the option for you. Working with bold eye makeup, eyelash extensions make a show stopping finishing touch to your bridal makeup.

Again, eyelash extensions can be applied several days before your wedding day, but if you don't follow the aftercare advice closely, you run the risk of shedding a few lashes ahead of your trip down the aisle.

If you're not used to wearing eyelash extensions they may feel a little heavy or uncomfortable at first and it may take a little time to get used to them. Eyelash extensions, when looked after properly, can last between 6-8 weeks but you may lose lashes during this time due to the lash growth cycle or general 'wear and tear' leaving you with gaps.

If you're undecided on which eyelash treatment is for you, you may wish to consider having a trial well in advance of your wedding day to try the look out for yourself and help you make up your mind.

How Many Days Before Your Wedding Should You Get an LVL Lash Lift?

If an LVL lash lift is the option for you, it's recommended that you book your treatment needs to be done no later than 48 hours before your wedding day, because of the after care you'll need to follow During this time you should avoid getting your lashes wet, hot, or steamy for 24 hours after your treatment. Keep your lashes in perfect condition for the big day, by following our LVL Enhance Lashes aftercare advice to the letter.

Also, if you do decide to book a trial run make sure you leave at least six weeks between your trial and your pre-wedding day treatment to get the best results.

If you're a bride to be and want to know more about LVL Lash Lift, or book an appointment with our Elite Stylist before your wedding, speak to Jen on 07900 262 190 or send her a message via the Sofia Rose Beauty Facebook page.

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