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Updated: Jul 16, 2019

HD Brows aftercare - May Blog Post-Sofia Rose Beauty-Widnes

When you leave Sofia Rose Beauty in Widnes, you won’t just leave with a stunning pair of eyebrows or luscious lashes*. You’ll also leave with advice for looking after them in between appointments. Your HD Brows will need a little looking after following your eyebrow treatment appointment, so we’ve put together this handy guide to HD Brows aftercare helping you keep up that ‘fresh from the salon’ look for longer.

*You can also check out our guide for looking after your LVL Lashes here.

How to Look After Your HD Brows

NO TWEEZING: During your HD Brow treatment Jen, your HD Brow Elite Stylist, will have created an eyebrow shape that works perfectly with your bone structure and face shape. This look is tailored and unique to you. If you start to pluck at stray eyebrows hairs in between appointments, you are likely to get carried away and start to tweeze away your HD shape and nobody wants that.

Also, if you are on a regrowth programme, resist the urge to ‘even out’ any gaps, as these gaps will eventually be filled with hair. If you do tweeze, you risk prolonging the time it takes to get the eyebrow shape you’ve always longed for.

NO MAKEUP OR CLEANSERS FOR 24 HOURS: After your treatment it’s recommended you avoid using facial cleansers or applying make-up for 24 hours. During this time your pores can remain open, applying foundation can then block the pores causing irritation or even infection. Cleansing the brow too early could strip tint from your brows, reducing the impact they make.

If you have a big night out planned, and make-up is an absolute must, book your HD Brows appointment at least a day before your event. This will allow any redness to settle and the follicles to close so you can get dolled up without any problems.

TURN DOWN THE HEAT: For 24 hours after your HD eyebrow appointment, stay out of the sun and off the sunbeds. You’ll also need to steer clear of saunas, steam rooms, and swimming pools too, as well as exercise that makes you sweat (we’re thinking of bugs getting into those open pores). This will help to protect the skin around your brows, and allow the tint on your eyebrows to develop correctly.

AVOID EXFOLIATION: For up to three days after your treatment, don’t exfoliate or apply anti-ageing products around the brow area. As well as removing hair, the process of waxing also removes a thin layer of skin. Exfoliating or using anti-ageing products too soon could lead to removing more skin or thinning it out even more. It’s best to give the skin time to heal before carrying out these treatments.

AVOID FAKE TAN: Avoid using fake tan on your face for 2-3 days after your HD Brows treatment. The area around the brows may produce different shade results during this time, and the tanning ingredients could affect the shade of your eyebrow tint. If you must apply fake tan, use a barrier like Vaseline over the brow to prevent discolouration.

HD Brows Aftercare: Things to Remember

Immediately after your appointment you eyebrows will be at their darkest and most defined. This is because makeup may be used by your stylist to fill in areas that are in need of regrowth and the tint applied during the treatment. The makeup will be removed when you wash your face and the tint will gradually fade with cleansing.

If you experience any swelling or itchy rashes within 72 hours of the treatment, let your HD Brows stylist know straight away. They’ll be able to advise you on what you need to do.

Looking after your HD Brows

HD Brows aftercare is important to keep them looking great for longer and to protect the delicate skin around your eye area. By not plucking in between and keeping to regular appointments your hair cycle will become more controlled giving you longer lasting results.

After your HD Brows appointment, Jen will recommend a date for your next treatment, usually between 3-6 weeks depending on your regrowth pattern. If you didn’t arrange a follow-up appointment, contact Jen at Sofia Rose Beauty to book in at her home salon in Widnes. Or if you have any questions about eyebrow aftercare, get in touch on 07900 262 190 or via the Sofia Rose Beauty Facebook page.

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