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A client's honest review of why you need a course of endermologie.

I am always so excited when clients begin their endermologie journey and to hear about the changes they can physically see and feel. I first discovered endermologie 22 months ago when I was looking for a solution for cellulite before I went away on holiday. What came as a nice surprise was how relaxed I felt during the treatment and how quickly I started to feel better in myself. The reviews I had read in top magazines left me wanting to find out more, the more I found out, I knew I could no longer keep it a secret.

Endermologie helps improve the lymphatic flow and circulation, so I started to feel less bloated, I began to sleep better, I felt more alert, less headaches and overall less irratible. Over the course of sessions my confidence increased as I could see my skin begin to tighten as well as my cellulite fading, the overall condition and appearance of my skin looked so much healthier and felt plump rather than saggy.

I will be writing another article regarding my experience and my honest opinions of endermologie, but for now I wanted to share one of my beautiful client’s journeys with you all and just how grateful I am to have come across endermologie, allowing me to help clients make a lifestyle change to feel healthier, whilst 100% naturally and safely making the best of their skin without having to spend a complete fortune or take drastic invasive results which carry potential risks.

This review is from one of my clients who is now on her maintenance sessions (well will be back on, once lockdown is over). We choose 5 areas to treat based on her concerns. Inside the thigh area, front and backs of thighs, calves and knees, her treatment time is 50 minutes per session.

Client review

"I have just had a course of LPG Endermologie performed by Jen at Sofia Rose Beauty and I am compelled to write a review.

I have been trying for many a year to improve the appearance of my legs. Everything I tried previously, seemed to have a superficial improvement but nothing fundamentally solved the problem, until I tried Endermologie.

Quite frankly it is AMAZING. It has reduced my cellulite, tightened my loose skin, eliminated pockets of stubborn fat, slimmed my legs noticeably and due to the increased circulation, it enables, has made my legs appear a much healthier colour.

My legs are now considerably shapelier with clear muscle definition which was previously hidden by loose puffy fat. Seriously the results are more than I could have dreamed of.

And as regards to Jen herself, what a lovely lady she is. I hadn’t been a client of Jen’s before and going to a new salon at the height of the current global pandemic after the first lockdown was lifted and salons could re-open was always going to be a little troubling. Well, no not with Jen. Her salon is immaculately clean and she makes every effort to ensure her clients are kept clean and safe at all times by thoroughly cleaning the salon between clients.

She is a consummate professional who works hard with her clients to achieve their desired results. She is as keen to see results as her clients are, and she makes recommendations to improve the performance of the treatment. Put simply, your improved body couldn’t be in better hands than Jen’s. My advice to all, is try, you will not be disappointed.’

Thank you thank you thank you for everything you have done for me and my legs. They are so much better than they have been in years and they make me feel so much better about myself. Thank you for making the sessions as enjoyable as they have been. You are a complete star ⭐️

Much love


Final note from Jen.

I find uploading before and afters of my clients journeys difficult at times, as 8 out of 10 clients come when they are not feeling particular confident about how they look. I know before and after images sell, but I know I wouldn’t feel particularly comfortable with pictures of me being uploaded for all to see, even if I am not identifiable so it’s not something, I tend to ask clients if I can do.

Photographs are taken on the first session as part of the consultation and pictures at certain stages throughout the course as I find it nice for clients to be able to see how far they have come. Weight can fluctuate so much for women at different stages of the month so the pictures sometimes show the results far better as well as how the client feels.

For more information regarding how endermologie sessions can help you whether it be, to kickstart a life style change, firm up skin on the body or face or to reduce cellulite, please get in touch on facebook or message 07900 262 190.

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