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The easiest way to get the perfect eyebrow shape is with a HD Brows treatment. But, once your treatment is complete, and depending on your brow goals, you may need to know how to get the perfect eyebrow shape with makeup after you leave the Sofia Rose Beauty salon.


The seven-step luxury eyebrow treatment works with your features and natural colouring to tame bushy brows and nurture thinner brows to achieve a flawless yet natural look.

The sixth HD Brows step is ‘finishing’ and this part of the HD Brows process includes applying makeup to enhance any sparse patches of the brow.

Lots of ladies and gents who attend a HD Brows consultation want to promote the growth of their eyebrow hair to achieve a fuller looking brow. Not matter how good your Elite Stylist is, patience is essential, as around 80% of the clients we see at Sofia Rose Beauty need to begin a regrowth programme. A regrowth programme aims to restore as much eyebrow hair as possible in the right places to help achieve a more natural looking brow shape, and gives hair follicles a break from tweezing and over-enthusiastic waxing.

Tips for how to get the perfect eyebrow shape with make up

Whilst on a regrowth programme, it may be necessary to use make-up to give the illusion of a fuller HD brow until eyebrow hairs start to grow. HD Brows makeup can also be used as a longer-term solution to fill in any stubborn sparse patches that just refuse to grow at all. Achieving a thicker brow with make-up is possible, helping to frame your face and add definition to your eyebrows between HD Brow appointments at Sofia Rose Beauty.

Preparation is Key

Start by cleansing your brows to start your journey to brow shape perfection. Using a gentle conditioning cleanser will help to remove excess dirt and make-up build as well as nourishing the eyebrow hairs and protecting the skin around the eyes. Once cleansed, use an eyebrow brush (or a dry clean toothbrush) to brush brows your brows into their natural placement. Your eyebrows are now the perfect canvas for adding make-up.

The Start

Pencil or powder in hand, you’ll need to know where to begin and the bulb of the eyebrow is as good a place as any.

You can find the beginning of the eyebrow bulb by resting your brush vertically next to your nostrils, and delicately marking the area on the inside of the brush with your makeup pencil. This is where your eyebrow artistry will start.

Line ‘em up

Adult colouring books have grown in popularity in recent years, and that’s where any colouring in should stay when it comes to getting the perfect eyebrow shape. With a sharpened pencil, apply individual stroke like lines gently to the brow area to closely resemble individual hairs. Liberally applying thick lines of makeup to patchy areas of your eyebrow or an all over ‘one colour fits all’ will leave you with an unnatural and unusual appearance.

Blend in

If applying powder or eyebrow makeup, make sure you soften the look by blending into your existing hairs and desired shape. This will help to create a more natural looking finish.

Stay in Shape

Your brows are beautiful and are designed to work with your face alone. Don’t be tempted to alter their unique shape with makeup, instead work with your own shape. Exaggerating an arch can leave you looking like a cartoon villain, or over-extending the tail of your brow can result in a droopy sad looking expression. Simply, make the most of ‘what your mama gave ya’ and you won’t go far wrong.

Colour me Beautiful

Choose makeup that suits your own natural colouring. If you’re blonde or a red head, opting for a midnight black pencil is likely to end in disaster. You can still achieve a bold brow with more subtle shades of browns to better complement your features and without leaving looking like a caricature.

Ask an elite stylist

The seventh step of your HD Brows treatment is ‘aftercare’. Jen at Sofia Rose Beauty will talk you through the best ways to look after your brows to keep them looking at their best for as long as possible between appointments. Letting you know which HD Brows makeup products she’s used, she’ll pinpoint the areas of your eyebrows in need of attention and demonstrate the application method.

Call Jen on 07900 262 190 to book your consultation or check out her Facebook page for some brow and lash-spiration.

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