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The definition of the eyebrow has taken taken many shapes through eyebrow trends over the years. From bold and bushy power brows to barely-there skinny brows, our love affair with brow styling is a never ending one. Over the decades, we’ve witnessed conventional brow shapes being re-invented time after time, and more recently it seems that designers are matching fashions collections with radical new brow looks.

So, with brow shapes seeming to change by the season where does that leave the everyday woman who is committed to keeping her brow game strong? Seeing Rhianna grace this month’s front cover of U.K Vogue magazine with razor thin brows may have made your heart sink. What about all those months you’d dedicated to letting your brows grow out? Finally celebrating your symmetrical brows after those high school years of obsessive over plucking. Rest assured beautiful browed one, it was not all a waste of time.

Sofia Rose Beauty will take in our beauty time machine to guide you through a rundown of brow defining moments over the centuries. This eyebrow inspiration will show you that it’s safe to back away from the tweezers, and leave your blossoming brows exactly as they are.

Ancient Egypt

The original trendsetters, the Ancient Egyptians believed that dark makeup would ward off evil spirits. These B.C. beauties rocked a HD Brows style of their very own, getting creative with carbon and black oxide to draw elongated , arched brows.

1920: Thin and Curved

Arch was the enemy with rounded, thin and dramatic shapes taking centre stage for women of this era. The long tail of this eyebrow trend sits lower than the bulb of the eyebrow almost pulling the face down, leaving the actress Clara Bow with a sad looking appearance.

1950: Arched and Brushed

Marilyn Monroe pencilled the way for women to embrace natural and defined brows with subtle pointed arches.

1960: Short and Neat

Immaculately shaped, strong brows with a high arch were the favoured style of the Sixties. The perfect complement to Audrey Hepburn's fluttering lashes and delicate features.

1980: Thick and Au Natural

Full brow icon Brooke Shields led the way for the power brow to make its entrance with full impact.

1990s: Pencil-Thin Arches

The pluck-a-thon of the Nineties continued well into the Noughties with barely-there brows being the grooming preference of the moment.

2010: The Era of Brow Experimentation

Over the last decade, we have witnessed women embrace their natural brow fullness in a multitude of wacky ways. From accessory adorned and feathered arches, peroxide and permed, lightning bolt struck, bejewelled and dip-dyed, brow styling has been raised to a whole other level. Fantasy-inspired brows have become works of art to be marvelled at.

Fun for a festival, but for everyday life? These quirky creations will be long outgrown by the classic full and natural HD Brow which is certain never to go out of fashion.

2018: The Cara Delevigne Effect

The fuller the better. Women are putting their tweezers down thanks to supermodel's bushy brows. Spawning thousands of copycats, these spectacular brows have convinced an entire generation of women to ditch their little pluckers in favour of the trend for thicker brows.

The past century of brow looks have seen it all, from more is less to less is more. From untamed and rebellious to manicured and understated, brows that take centre stage and ones that take a back seat. Reflecting on the popular eyebrow looks of key decades portray a picture of brow styling extremes.

Since most people aren’t lucky enough to inherit brows that are able to grow into a shape without much maintenance they seek the help of an expert to create a shape that will suit their face and features.

The HD Brows experience allows each client to embrace their individuality and unique brow blueprint. Trends come and go but a classic HD brow is a look that’s a firmly rooted timeless classic.

Achieve a timeless look that flatters and frames your face with a HD Brows treatment from Sofia Rose Beauty in Widnes. Message Jen on 07900 262 190 or on her facebook page to book your next appointment.

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