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Just one more and…uh oh! You’ve gone from a Cara Delevigne delight to nineties spaghetti brow in just one pluck. Learning how to avoid making eyebrow mistakes is a great way to ensure your eyebrows continue to look full and frame your face perfectly, but take our advice and put the tweezers down and leave your brow shape to the professionals.


Choosing a HD Brows stylist will not only prevent future eyebrow mistakes, but they’ll also be able to repair some, if not all, of the damage you’ve done to your brows over the years. Around 10% of clients full regrowth might not be possible, as if the hair follicles are dead there’s sadly no miracle cure to restore hair production.

The Most Common Eyebrow Mistakes

If you’re unhappy with how your brows look, you might recognise your current shape within our list of common eyebrow mistakes. Find out how to put your brow blunders right with Sofia Rose Beauty.

The Tadpole

The tadpole brow starts off well at the bulb of the brow, but quickly descends into chaos with a thin straggly eyebrow tail that’s over-plucked to the point of unflattering. A HD Brows stylist will recommend a course of regrowth and a complete tweezer ban, showing you how to apply eyebrow makeup to create a new shape in the interim and disguise the growing hairs underneath.

Sad and Droopy

If people keep checking if you’re ok throughout the week, it might be because your eyebrows are giving out the impression you’re unhappy. Eyebrows with a long tail that descends past the brow bone can give your face a droopy expression, and a qualified HD Brows stylist will correct this by trimming the tail and shaping the rest of the brow to work with your bone structure. Now there’s a reason to smile.

Naturally thinning

Whilst not technically an eyebrow mistake, eyebrow thinning because of ageing can leave your eyebrows looking sparse and patchy. A HD Brows treatment can work with your natural colouring to subtly enhance thinning brows, restoring them to their youthful glory.

Crayon happy

Yes bolder, thicker brows are the key eyebrow trend of the moment, but watch out for getting carried away with the eyebrow pencil. Once you’ve got the perfect eyebrow shape following a HD Brow treatment, you may still want to recreate the look at home using HD Brows make-up. Aim for light strokes with suitably matched brow makeup that complements your colouring to replicate individual hairs, rather than a heavy-handed application with a black pencil, and you’ll avoid brow regret. HD Brows have created a specialist range of make-up to match natural skin tones and hair colouring.

Sisters not Twins

Shaping your eyebrows depends upon the shape of your face, and it’s extremely rare that both sides of your face will have an identical symmetry. So, trying to force your eyebrows to look identical just won’t work. A HD Brows stylist will follow your facial features to create a perfectly tailored look for each brow. Beautiful.

HD Brows treatments can be a quick fix or a long-term solution for problem eyebrows. If you want to know how to avoid making eyebrow mistakes, book an appointment with Jen at Sofia Rose Beauty in Widnes on 07900 262 190 and start your journey towards fixing your brows for good.

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