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LVL Lash Before & After | Sofia Rose Beauty, Widnes

You would be forgiven if you suspected your LVL Lashes technician of being some kind of magician. After all, they transform almost non-existent eyelashes into fulsome lengths in a flutteringly dramatic blink of an eye. And, whilst it might be disappointing to realise that there are no spells or magic potions behind your lash filled look, you might be fascinated by the actual science behind it…

… As one of the premier beauty salons in Widnes offering Nouveau Lash LVL treatments, we ask you to leave your Bunsen burners and science googles with your GCSE chemistry lessons and join us as we go all forensic on follicles.


Taking natural lashes, a Nouveau Lashes LVL treatment is a gentle technique designed to lift each lash at the root to enhance their full length and make them appear fuller. This specialist lash treatment typically last between six to eight weeks, making it an ideal option for busy individuals who need a low maintenance beauty routine. Perfect for those suffering from allergies and hay fever, LVL Lashes work just as well for people looking to enhance the appearance of their natural lashes too.

LASH FACT: A single hair is made up of three parts:

  • the hair cuticle

  • the cortex

  • the medulla


Step 1: Jen, your Sofia Rose Beauty technician, will apply a lifting balm during the LVL treatment. The lifting balm contains hydrogen, which oxidises when it comes into contact with the air.

Step 2: The oxidisation breaks down the disulphate bonds in each hair, releasing the hair for shaping by the lash technician.

Step 3: After the lifting balm, Jen will apply the volumising fix. The volumising fix means the disulphate bonds reconnect, sealing each hair into its new shape.

Step 4: A Sofia Rose Beauty special treat. Jen completes the treatment with some added extra oomph in the form of a darker lash tint, enhancing LVL Lashes that little bit more and giving the illusion of thicker longer lashes.

The disulphate bonds can take up to 48 hours to completely reconnect. After your LVL lash treatment at Sofia Rose Beauty, your technician will talk you through your post-treatment aftercare. Check out the Sofia Rose blog to find out more about LVL lash aftercare.

If your lashes get hot or wet, after the treatment, they will lose their lift and return to their alpha-keratin (natural) state, and nobody wants that...


Your eyelash hairs need TLC just as much as the hair on your head. You probably wouldn’t think twice about buying a nourishing shampoo or conditioner following a haircut and colour, and your lashes shouldn’t be any different. At Sofia Rose Beauty we recommend looking after your lashes with a Lash and Lid Foaming Cleanser and a Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum to make the most of them.

LASH FACT: The lash life cycle lasts around 22 weeks, and includes the Anogen phase, where the hair is still connected to a blood supply, the Catagen phase, where the hair disconnects from the blood supply and starts transitioning to the next stage, and finally the Telogen phase, where the hair is at its full length and ready to drop out naturally.

After your treatment, you might have some questions:

CRISS CROSSED LASHES: This can happen when new lashes haven’t grown fully and therefore weren’t treated with the LVL process, so they aren’t growing in the same shape as the treated lashes.

LOST LASHES: The Nouveau Lashes LVL treatment is a gentle process and won’t accelerate or increase lash loss. On average, people lose 2-6 lashes a day, and when you’ve got lovely long lashes to be proud of chances are you’re more likely to notice if they drop out.

DROPPED LASHES: Don’t get your lashes wet in the first 24 hours after your treatment, and no steam for 48 hours or else they’re likely to drop, this includes things like steam coming out from a hot kettle, opening a hot oven, hair dryers and cooking in general, so take extra care.

LASTING LASHES: If you were hoping to get eight weeks out of your treatment, but it lasted more like six, it’s likely to be because of the lash life cycle. The cycle can be accelerated by a quick metabolism, using lash serums, pregnancy, puberty, menopause, medication, and a healthy lifestyle, which may cause your lashes to fall out sooner than you’d hoped.

So there you go, the science behind the art of Nouveau Lashes LVL treatment. Contact Jen at Sofia Rose beauty to book your appointment today.

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