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HD Brows what are they?

HD Brows is an eyebrow shaping treatment created by High Definition Beauty. HD stylists receive specialist training to practice the techniques that achieve the unique but natural look of HD brows, and Sofia Rose Beauty's very own Jennifer Glover has achieved Elite Stylist status so you know you're in good hands from your very first consultation. More than a wax and tint, HD Brows work with your natural brow shape and bone structure to create a distinctive eyebrow look that flatters and enhances your best features.

If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘should I get HD brows?’ or aren’t sure what the treatment involves, here are three things you need to know about HD eyebrows before booking your appointment with Sofia Rose Beauty.

How are HD eyebrows done at Sofia Rose Beauty?

Set aside some ‘me time’ and indulge in some pampering, as your HD Brows treatment will take a little longer than a run-of-the-mill eyebrow wax.

Your first appointment will include a full consultation, so it’s best to allow at least one hour to answer any of your stylist’s questions. The stylist will assess your eyebrows, and find out more about the look you’re hoping to achieve.

Once the consultation is complete, the treatment will begin with a deluxe tint application. Working with your hair colour, eye colour, and skin tone, our Elite Stylist Jennifer will blend a tint of mixed shades to achieve the perfect colour for the body of the brow, accented by subtle highlights.

After the tint, the magic happens. Starting with a specially formulated HD Brows wax, Jennifer will thread, pluck, and trim the hairs of your eyebrows, then using specialist make-up skills to achieve the desired look.

80% of clients are likely to be on a re-growth programme, so we'll take the time demonstrate how to apply HD Brow makeup to fake the appearance of fuller brows until your own brows grow in.

Once your beautiful brows have been carefully crafted, you’ll need to look after them. Your stylist will go through aftercare advice to ensure you feel the full benefits of HD Brows for longer.

Plucking hell

Before we all came to our senses, the thinnest of thin eyebrows were an extremely popular trend. Tweezer happy individuals all over UK got busy teasing and plucking their brows to oblivion, leaving lots of women with over-plucked, sparse brow lines in need of some TLC.

Before you begin with the HD Brow treatment, Jennifer may recommend a four-week regrowth programme. Using an effective brow and lash booster product, the regrowth programme aims to stimulate hair growth to reduce gaps and create a fuller brow. Once the eyebrow is thick enough, the HD treatment can start in order to create a better shape and help you to make the most out of your brows, whilst allowing for more hair growth over time.

Some women worry that a HD Brows look will leave them with a caricature-type effect, similar to that of the much maligned ‘Scouse brow’. But, an authentic HD eyebrow treatment actually works with your own features and colouring for a sculpted yet natural finish.

High Definition beauty stylists undertake extensive training, and know

what works best for each face type, much like a trained hairdresser. You wouldn’t cut your own hair, so why would you take your eyebrows into your own hands. HD stylists, and especially Elite Stylists, are there to prevent you from getting carried away with the tweezers or home waxing kits, giving you a thicker yet sleek brow shape.

If you’re wondering where to get HD eyebrows in Widnes, speak to Elite Stylist Jennifer at Sofia Rose Beauty for a no obligation chat and to book your appointment. Jennifer can answer any questions you may have about HD eyebrow treatments, and can give you expert advice on the best approach for you.

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