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  • Clare Jennings

ALL WORK AND NO PLAY: Sofia Rose Beauty gives you the gift of time this festive season

We’ve all wished for an extra hour in the day, more time to get things done, to tick off everything on your to-do list, or just to have a little ‘me time’.

Walking around juggling the responsibilities of a career, family, friends, exercise, study, and a home, means there’s little time left over for you at the end of the day. All important, but each making it harder to find the time for ourselves within our precious twenty-four hour window each day.


A recent study has found that the average British woman can spend up to nine and a half days a year simply applying makeup. Plucking, shaping, shading, brushing, smoothing, blending, slicking (you get the idea) all takes time. The women surveyed also stated that mascara was their number one must-have product, with eyebrow pencils following closely behind as the makeup item they can’t do without.

We know appearance isn’t everything, you’re beautiful the way you are, but, makeup does actually make us feel good, whether it’s used as an extra boost to your confidence or as a way to showcase your own unique style. At Sofia Rose Beauty, there is a way you can still enjoy the benefits of a makeup look, but without the time intensive daily application of makeup products.

Framing your face with perfectly shaped HD Brows is a great way to enhance your natural beauty, and by pairing them with lengthened natural LVL Enhance lashes, you’ll not only look amazing, but you may also find you have up to an extra four and half hours a week spare, so you can finally take that yoga class or finish that book you started in January.


Achieve the effect of makeup with professional treatments from a qualified HD Brows Master Stylist and LVL Enhance Lash Technician and you might find a little time left over for:

Relaxation from your first consultation: Most of us long for some quiet time to chill out and de-stress, maybe through meditation, a massage, or how about a pampering treatment? From the moment you arrive for your brow or lash treatment, you start to relax in a professional home salon. Lie back and switch off, knowing that once your treatment is complete you’ll have knockout lashes and beautifully sculpted brows that won’t take up any more of your time this month.

Scoot the commute or hit the snooze: Opting for HD brows or LVL lashes means the choice is up to you, use your bonus time in the morning to good use. An extra twenty minutes each morning, could mean getting a head start on the traffic or catching the earlier train, so that you don’t have to give Carol on reception another late excuse. Or, have a well-deserved lie-in, with less time to prep, snuggle in for a little longer duvet time on a cold winter morning without the guilt. And, if you don’t quite make it in time, Carol on reception will be too busy asking where you had your eyebrows done to notice you were a little late again.

Christmas dos and after-work booze: As December approaches, the office discovers its social life. A catch up with friends or a few drinks with your colleagues means you’ll want to look fab all day and well into the evening. HD brows and the LVL lash lift treatment are the perfect partner for after-work drinks. Low maintenance, you’ll look flawless for longer, just a quick slick of lippy and you’re good to go.

Gym hair, don’t care. Gym brows, all the wows: Fitting a workout or two into a busy week is often considered an achievement, but it should be thought of as a priority to help combat the stressful effects of everyday life, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could put the time saved from applying makeup to better use? Plus, if you like to work hard and get a bit sweaty, makeup is a big no-no. Avoid the panda impression, and look flawless with LVL lashes as you work on getting into your favourite little black dress this Christmas.

Contact Jen at Sofia Rose Beauty for a no obligation chat and find out more about how the LVL lash lift treatment and HD brows can save you time so you can enjoy the fun things in life.


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