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Spring has arrived. Light nights. Sunny daffodils. Cherry blossoms. It’s a beautiful time of the year, and you deserve to look fabulous too. But sometimes the warmer weather has other ideas, as March often means the start of the hay-fever season. Just as the spring bulbs start to bloom, many people are left with red rimmed eyes and a stuffy head, not to mention smudged eyeliner, mascara stained cheeks and flying false eyelashes … not quite the Spring-chic look you were hoping to achieve.

At Sofia Rose Beauty, we have the solution to ease the sneeze with our LVL Enhance treatment for lashes. LVL stands for length, volume, lift and is an ideal way to tackle those hay-fever symptoms, turning those itchy sniffles into a striking look that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

LVL lashes are perfect for those prone to hay-fever. LVL Enhance is a quick treatment that enhances the length of your own lashes and gives the appearance of mascara like definition. Your natural eyelashes will look longer and fuller for up to 8 weeks, meaning you’ll look make-up ready without needing to use products likely to smudge or run.

Your lashes will look better than ever, and we want to help you keep them that way.


Follow our top tips for combatting hay-fever and caring for your LVL lashes this Spring:

Tip 1: Treating your hay-fever with the right antihistamines will go a long way in ensuring you remain comfortable and composed when the pollen strikes. Speak to your GP or pharmacist to find the appropriate allergy medication for you and think of this as an essential part of your beauty regime from March onwards. Preventing a reaction will go a long way to ensure that your makeup stays intact and keep you looking amazing.

Tip 2: Swollen eyes are a major problem for hay-fever sufferers. Look for moisturisers that contain natural anti-inflammatories like aloe vera, lavender or coconut oil, to help reduce redness and swelling as part of your skincare routine. Treat your eyes to a pampering treatment, by relaxing with cooling gel eye-pads, or used green tea bags cooled in the fridge, placed gently over your eyelids to help remove any puffiness.

Tip 3: Be kinder to your skin and try to use beauty products specifically formulated to be hypo-allergenic. These are typically gentler to your skin and can also help to minimise the effect of hay-fever for those sensitive to allergens.

Tip 4: Show your lashes even more love after their LVL experience, with a nourishing, conditioning treatment by Nouveau Lashes. Created just for brows and lashes, their lash and brow conditioning serum will restore moisture and volume to stressed out follicles, and also makes a perfect primer before applying mascara. Available to purchase from Sofia Rose Beauty.

Tip 5: LVL lashes are outstanding on their own, and will make people stop and stare. But if you’re tempted to take things up a notch, a quick slick of mascara can add a fantastic boost to make your lashes look even thicker and longer. Make sure your makeup can withstand watery eyes, by using a good quality waterproof mascara to leave you looking flawless all day.

LVL lashes give a high impact, low maintenance look, designed to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at you. You’ll be fluttering your lashes and looking fabulous long in to those late summer evenings. Contact Jen, at Sofia Rose Beauty for your free LVL lashes consultation today and pollen-proof your look. Don't forget to like our facebook page :) xx

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