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LPG Endermologie Face Lift

Results are achieved completely naturally, with no trauma what so ever being caused to the skin.

For beauty that looks like you. NATURAL. HEALTHY. SUSTAINABLE. NO RISK, NO SIDE EFFECTS, to slow the anaesthetic effects of passing time.​

#NoInjections #NoScalpel #NoRisk #NoSideEffects #ScientificallyProvenResults


A thorough consultation will be carried out by our trained therapist Jen, who will be happy to help you determine your goals and build a custom treatment plan.

You can choose from one off face treatments for a perfect pick me up or lymphatic drainage or if you are wanting to target more specifically the signs of aging, we have full face treatments to harmonise face volumes, restore skin density while filling out wrinkles and fine lines from within.

Age Defy Skin Toning - Firms skin for a natural lifting effect. Ideal for clients who are concerned with fine lines and wrinkles, a loss of volume and a loss of elasticity. A great all rounder to treat skin that is starting to show signs of aging.

Age Defy Re-plumping - Restores skin density for a natural volumizing effect. Smooths wrinkles and fine lines, for faces prone to hollowed cheeks or sunken features. Our most versatile treatment used for most clients with aging concerns.

Age Defy Re-Sculpting - Ideal for slimming and re-sculpting areas of the face, perfect for clients concerned with having a double chin. This technique stimulates adipocytes (fat cells) to efficiently release stored fat. Redraws the contours of the face whilst firming and tightening the skin.

Areas that can be treated.

Forehead, brow lift & eye wrinkles, eyepuffiness, neck, jawline, cheeks, mouth & lip area, nasolabial folds, double chin, hands & Décolleté.

All courses booked, receive our special offer 12 for the price of 10.


See visible results after your very 1st treatment!

Book a course.

Get 12 sessions for the price of 10.

Glow Face Treatment
15 minutes £30

Called the 'Glow' for very good reasons. Instantly revives tired, dull and uneven looking complexions. Gently exfoliates and reactivates microcirculation to even out the complexion and improve skin brightness. Stimulates tissue at the cellular level, restoring skin elasticity and smoothing wrinkles with the help of its awakened cell reserves. As a result, the skin instantly looks more radiant and young-looking.

Great for one off events or can be booked as a course.

Age Defying
45 minutes £60

Harmonise face volumes, restore skin density, firm & lift the face, while filling out wrinkles and fine lines from within. The ultimate age reverse face treatments to really target the aging process. A minimum of 12 treatments are usually needed for maximum results.

Choose from; Skin Toning

Re-Plumping & Re-Sculpting.

Detox Face Treatment
20 minutes £40

Never underestimate the power of a good facial massage to help you get rid of facial puffiness. This treatment is the ultimate lymph drainage facial to drain toxins and reoxygenate the skin for a purified radiant complexion. It is super powerful in terms of positively motivating and creating momentum for lymphatic drainage to help your skin detox and renew.

Décolleté & Bust 25 minutes £50

Treating the bust area to firm and tone. Perfect for skin that has aged or has become damaged by the sun.

Re-identifies tissue, fills in wrinkles and firms skin for a visibly smoother décolleté.

Good for strengthening fragile tissue around the bust. Minimum of 12 for best results.


reduces wrinkles

Gradually over the sessions, skin is visibly redensified and replenished from within. Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced (87%*) while preserving the face’s natural expression.

tones & firms

Firms and tones the skin, as well as lifting the jowls and eyes. Your skin is left stronger and firmer (+70%*). The face is redrawn with cleaner contours. Regenerates your skin to produce good collagen, more hyaluronic acid (80%)*and elastin (46%)* to reduce the appearance of aging.

releases fat & contours

Stimulating the fat cells, enables stored fat to be efficiently released to restore balance to the face’s volumes and slim the face.

Redefining facial contours.


When there’s any kind of obstruction in your lymphatic system, fluid can start to build up and skin can look dull. Endermologie stimulates circulatory exchanges to fight water retention and swelling whilst draining toxins held within the Lymphatic system to leave your skin and face feeling light, free and re-oxygenated and looking fresh.


Endermologie treatments are safe to have done whilst pregnant. During pregnancy, Endermologie is an effective treatment to relieve water retention.



It is a gentle procedure. Most people describe the feeling as a relaxing massage on the face so you can be rest assured you will get chance to feel relaxed and unwind at the same time of improving your skin.

clarify the complexion

Stress, pollution, lack of sleep, and tobacco use are all factors that blemish skin: venous and lymphatic circulation slows down, and toxins build up, resulting in tired, dull looking skin. After just one session, skin is softer and the complexion is twice as radiant.

It’s the perfect way to get instantly healthy-looking glowing skin. The face appears fresher, rested and less tired.

in a nutshell

The skin is visibly re-densified and re-plumped from within, fading away the signs of aging while the face’s natural expression is preserved.

Skin density is increased.

Facial features appear higher, inlcuding cheekbones and eyelids. Improves the appearance of under eye bags and circles. Lips can be replumped. All whilst being 100% natural and a thoroughly enjoyable treatment.


Most will see visible results after the first session.

In contrast to a lot of the techniques available on the market, LPG® endermologie offers a 100% natural alternative to improve the signs of aging causing no damage what so ever to skin cells or tissue. No needles, no heat, no freezing. No risks and no side effects.

Whether you have cosmetic concerns or wellbeing wishes, your therapist Jen will recommend a tailored series of treatments to meet your requirements.  


For the best results, some treatments require a minimum course of 12 to be able to fully regenerate skin cells.


You’ll leave with your face feeling firmer, plumper, smoother, and more radiant. You wont be able to wait till your next appointment.


"Sharing the same philosophy, the fight for natural beauty is at the very core of Sofia Rose Beauty, and I feel very strongly that I came across this treatment for a reason. I wanted to feel good about myself on the inside as well as looking good on the outside, and Endermologie achieves this. I was left feeling better all-round, and now I want my clients to experience the same feeling for themselves.


I am so very excited and proud to present the amazing CELLU M6® Alliance by LPG Endermologie which is the latest generation of technology to improve the skin on so many levels.

If it’s good enough for the hair and beauty salons in Harrods, Atlantis the Palm in Dubai, Thermes Marins in Monte Carlo, and used by Jennifer Lopez, then it’s certainly good enough for me and my lovely clients. 


I know you're going to love this treatment as much as I do. And the best bit is, you will see results quickly whilst keeping your skin 100% respected.

Be warned though, you will quickly become addicted. Sorry (not sorry)!"

By appointment only.

Mon:    10am-3pm,

Tue:      10am-3pm,
Wed:    10am-3pm,

Thur:    10am-3pm & 3.45pm-7pm,
Fri:       10am - 3pm.

Please park on the driveway to avoid any disruption.

Chislet Court, Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 9AP.

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